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Get ready! In three months Waikiki is going to be the host of Hawaii's premier Tahitian dance competition - Heiva i Honolulu presented by Tahiti Nui International.

In assisting with the record number of groups already signed up to perform, we have partnered up with not one, but two hotels to accommodate guests. Whether you are a local looking to have a convenient close location to keep all your costumes, house staff, use as a base or a group coming from the mainland or Japan, this is a great savings opportunity.

The Hilton Waikiki Prince Kuhio is now offering dance groups a special rate starting at $109 (single/double occupancy) a night. But don't wait too long. As it gets closer to the actual event, the prices go up. So the sooner the better. (Click here to download reservation form)

Cabana Vacation Suites is also sponsoring a special offer to Tahitian dance groups. Even closer to the event, the small hotel is offering a $89 a night rate. Booking needs to be made by January 31, 2010. When booking make sure you mention that you are participating at Heiva i Honolulu and mention promo code TNIH.

Please note that all reservations need to be done through the actual hotel. We are not responsible for bookings.

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The biggest news of Heiva I Tahiti 2009, is that of Hei Tahiti! In grand form, their presentation is based on the sharing of the land of Raivaevae. Two brothers who confront each other, with some challenge, over the land of Raivaevae.

With spectacular costuming, energy, and performance, Tiare Trompette and Hei Tahiti memoralized the evening's events with one of the "best" finales ever!

Again, remember, as I am not on-site, I am following the events via my "at the moment" dearest friend La Depeche Tahiti and friends via email! Follow the daily updates of La Depeche Tahiti:

Also in the same evening's performance were Les Tamariki Oparo and a collection of performers from Grand Ballets of Tahiti and Tahiti Ora under the group of Pereaitu of Paea.


With Heiva I Tahiti Group Presentations near closing, July 18, 2009, and my own return to the states from Tokyo has me settled, I want to be sure to update you regarding Heiva I Tahiti!

As we all know, many ori tahiti groups from "America" are in Papeete attending and participating in some of the Heiva 2009 events. Performing "sur scene" or on-stage are many of our outstanding groups, Nemenzo, being one of them. La Depeche Tahiti notes that Nemenzo, although small in number compared to their actual group number back in the states, is once again well received by Tahiti! Hats off to Elizabeth, family, and group for great individual and group presentations during Heiva! Tahiti is raving about the emotional enthusiasm and physical performances of individuals and groups from the U.S.

I love reading of such well receiving, as we hesitate at each action to ponder how we affect the world...why hesitate, just make it happen! And you have Elizabeth! Here is a shout to you!

Froggie, I found this photo of you in La Depeche Tahiti! You are still making headlines buddy. Everyone needs to follow La Depeche Tahiti's reporting of Heiva I Tahiti! They update Heiva daily on their website with photos and links. Here is a link to today's update:

Tonight, July 18, 2009 is the last night of Heiva I Tahiti Group Presentations until the actual awards, which I believe are shceduled for July 23, 2009. However, throughout the next week, peformances and other presentations will continue until July 23!

Everyone in Papeete sur place or on-site---"Continue the Magic", even without me!

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In the category of Heiva Nui, some of the biggest names in Heiva I Tahiti 2009 opened the first night of song and dance. O Tahiti E, A hutoru Nui, Heikura Nui, and Hitireva!

Spectacle, tradition, and people filled Toata Saturday night for the big event. The four groups brought forth their traditional presentations. Although, DVDs are not yet available and may not be for months to come, youtube normally features some highlights, AND most importantly RFO Polynesie, a local media group will be airing some of Heiva I Tahiti in July.

Visit their website for more:


The 127th edition of Heiva I Tahiti opened up with the traditional kava ceremony at Place Toata Friday night! La Depeche Tahiti, a news source for French Polynesia, announced 14 dance groups and 11 song groups are set to take stage at Toata over the next two weeks.

With the many challenges pronounced prior to the Heiva by the voices of the community, the Minister acknowledged hearing the out cry for assistance and promised that with help from others, solutions will be found. Some of the problems existing today at the local level are rehearsal space, parking, group financing, and most importantly just the lack of consideration for the efforts to bring about the Heiva I Tahiti.

This evening was highlighted by a traditional orero, much song and rhythms, and a special aparima by Janine Maru.

Stay tuned here for more highlights!

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Polynesian Cultural Center's "Te Mahana Hiro'a O Tahiti" - Tahitian Dance Competition was held this past weekend, July 10-11, 2009.

The event opened up Friday evening at Hale Aloha with the Tamarai'i (Junior and Senior Divisions) Solo Competition. The youngest under 5 were adorable with parents just off stage anxious for their children to dance and hop around as they do at home. The rest of the night was filled with color and showmanship. Jordan Mariteragi won the Tamari'i Tane Jr. Overall Soloist! Jasmine, also of Nonosina Hawaii took the Tamari'i Vahine Overall Soloist title in the Sr. Division. I don't have all the winners listed, but you can find them at PCC's website Tahiti Festival webpage.

The group events, Saturday, presented infants to teens in group performance. Marania Haoragi directed by Tahia Parker, Te Hamata directed by Penny Tuilolo, and Nonosina Hawaii directed by Jon and Tiani Mariteragi took the PCC Main stage in song and dance! From the well known popular tunes and beats of French Polynesia to the new, Nonosina Hawaii came home with Sr. Division first place honors. For all awards see PCC's website for details and photos.

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Hitia O Te Ra hosted Hura Tahiti 2009 in Southern California, June 19-20, 2009, hosting over 300 solo competition participants and approximately 6 groups in the group categories.

For more information regarding results, photos, and videos, check out their website:

Looking at their results, there were a few names that crossed the Heiva I Honolulu award winners, to name a few:

Nemenzo, taking first place in the Otea Category
Te Mana O Te Ra, taking first place in the Ahupurotu Category
Evelyn Bustamente of Island Way, taking Overall Vahine Soloist!

There were many groups and independent soloist participants, far too many to mention, but all whom we hope to see attending Heiva I Honolulu 2010!

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La Depeche Tahiti wrote this morning about the challenges dance group participants are having shipping in the costumes, particularly mores.

Locally, the more manufacturers are only able to produce a very small number of mores. Each Heiva I Tahiti participating group averages 80 dance members, not including musicians and chorus group. The local more producers are able to costume 20 of 80 dancers per group which leaves group leaders purchasing abroad. It is the import tax that sends participants' costs sky rocketing. Even Marguerite Lai of O Tahiti E, voiced her concern claiming that participating in Heiva I Tahiti leaves groups without enough funds, even after numerous fundraising events throughout the year.

Although this news is GOOD news for the more suppliers here locally in Hawaii, it still leaves Tahiti with a major issue to resolve.


Place Toata, Papeete, Tahiti, PF

The Miss Tahiti 2009 Pageant took place last night, Friday, June 26, 2009 at Place Toata in Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia. The winner, Miss Puahinano Bonno, was crowned Miss Tahiti 2009 and will reign through June 2010! For more information visit the Miss Tahiti website:

And as always for the latest news from French Polynesia, La Depeche Tahiti online and Tahiti Presse!

Congratulations to Puahinano! My favorite pick!

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For those of you heading to Tahiti this summer, over July 10 -18, 2009, DO NOT miss out on the HEIVA I TAHITI events: opening ceremony, song & dance competitions, traditional sports, and the magic of French Polynesia!

In downtown Papeete: Place Vaiete, Place Toata, and the Museum of Tahiti, all events will seduce and mesmerize. Taking you back in time, remembering the legends, the life, the "mana" of French Polynesia!

If you have the time, don't miss it!


On Maui, August 15th and 16th, at Maui's War Memorial Gym in Wailuku, Heiva I Maui will be fun and excitement for the whole family!

Daily from 10am to 5pm, participate or come as a spectator for tahitian drumming and dance. For more details contact:


For all of you who follow Tahitian Dance Competitions in the islands of Hawaii, prepare yourselves to attend Heiva I Kauai, August 1-2, 2009 at Kapaa Beach Park, Kapaa, Kauai.

DEADLINE for applications are July 20, 2009. For more information:

or call 808.822.9447!


TNI will be posting all forms, rules, regulations, and additional updates by August 1st, 2009 for HEIVA I HONOLULU 2010!

If you are interested in participating in any part of HEIVA I HONOLULU 2010, please follow this blog or visit us again here through the month of July for updates. We are seeking volunteers, vendors, sponsors, and participants!

If we don't have your email address be sure to send me an email and join our mailing list.


The Polynesian Cultural Center's ninth annual Te Mahana Hiro'a o Tahiti dance competition for children agens 3-18 will be held Friday July 10th, and Saturday July 11th..

The Friday evening preliminary competition will take place in the PCC's Hale Aloha luau amphitherater, starting at 7:45pm, and the Saturday finals will be in the Pacific Theater starting at 9:00am.

As usual an independent panel of Tahitian judges will determine the winners in age and gender categories.

The Cultural Center's Tahitian celebration is held each year about the same time as the Heiva, which traditionally was the French Polynesian observance of France's Bastille Day. Since French Polynesia obtained autonomie from France on June 29, 1974, the Heiva festival has become much more a grand celebration of Tahitian culture . . . much like the one you can enjoy at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Please plan to join us for one of our most colorful special events. Maururu (thanks).

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In a previous posting, I recently received a comment inquiring about "registering for our dance competition and/or other competitions".

I responded with the following and wanted to post that anew for all:

Certain organizations (like us) and or dance group(s) will host a dance competition/festival; some annually, otherwise every two or three years.

Another organization that hosts an annual dance competition is the Polynesian Cultural Center, a major sponsor of Tahiti Nui International's annual "Heiva I Honolulu". Te Mahana Hiro'a O Tahiti, is held every July near Tiurai season, normally in July. For more information visit their website:

An updated comprehensive list of groups and dance festivals is listed at the website of another of our sponsors and webmaster, Scott Nagata and Black Pearl Designs:

Locally on the island, Manutahi just completed their event on the 19th of April. Te Vai Ura Nui and Maohi Nui host solo dance events occasionally. Also, it is rumored that Mehetia Productions may be holding an event this year.

Otherwise, if traveling is an option, on Maui and Kauai, there are dance festivals scheduled for August of this year. Although the annual Hilo Fete was canceled this year, look forward to future events by the Hilo organization. California groups, Nonosina, Nemenzo, and Hitia O Te Ra (as well as others) hold dance competitions annually, too.

In Las Vegas, one of our sponsors, Ravahere Allred, is hosting a Miss Pearls of Polynesia Pageant and a dance competition in Las Vegas.

They all have websites and are easily googleable.

Lastly, we look forward to your participation in our event for 2010! So I have you on our mailing list and will be contacting you once our forms are online and our online payment schedule is in order for Heiva I Honolulu 2010.

So for all who read this posting, TNI is trageting a website update with "Heiva I Honolulu" 2010 information and registration forms by June 2009. Watch for it!


It is official! Mehetia Productions has announced their First Annual Mehetia Fete, October 17, 2009 at King Intermediate Gym in Kaneohe from 9:30am -9:00pm.

For information regarding Mehetia Fete 2009 contact Charelle at 808.723.4998 or email

Mehetia Productions participated in Tahiti Nui International's "Heiva I Honolulu" 2009 participating in solo and group categories. We are excited for Charelle, their instructors, their dancers and their new beginnings. Let's all come out to support Mehetia Productions! I will be there!

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April 19, 2009 at Waimea Valley, Pikake Lounge on the Northshore of Oahu, Manutahi hosted their 3rd Annual Tahitian Solo Dance Competition.

Check out their website for updates to their gallery:

Also check out HA's article: 


The article notes the contributions of the Tahitian Community to UH Manoa Library's exhibits, Tau Rima Tahiti" and 'Ite 'Upa'upa located in the Hamilton Library Bridge and Phase II Galleries.  Local artists and groups contributed to the exhibits.  

Also, check out the exhibit online website:

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I am so grateful to have made time in my schedule to attend Maohi Nui's Tahiti Fete Fundraiser last night, March 21, at Aloha Tower Marketplace. Upon arrival at 7:30pm, Kapena was on stage gathering the crowd in preparation for Maohi Nui's group performance. Hosting the evening's line up was none other than, Mental Mele. The event I missed was a performance by the new group Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui. With slightly fewer dancers, they performed this year's Overall Otea from Heiva I Honolulu where they took First Place in the Senior Overall Otea category. Also on stage with Maohi Nui was Heiva I Honolulu's Overall Male Soloist, Keawe McArthur!

There were vendors on-site, including one of the major sponsors, Hinano Tahiti. Manari'i, who has competed at Tahiti Nui International's Heiva I Honolulu, in the solo division just last year, was also a registered vendor, selling his wife's pearl enhanced designed jewelry. Mana, not to be confused with me, also performed earlier in the evening with Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui.

At the event, I even ran into Aunty Geri, Elaine, Kumu Kale, and Nathan, volunteers of Heiva I Honolulu!

Their performance was as usual, well presented! With a pre-show fashion show of Hinano Tahiti designs along side Maohi Nui solo dancers to the beats of Maohi Nui's percussion group, you could actually taste what was to come. Performing otea, couple solo, aparima, and even a kapa, Maohi Nui under the direction of Mervin Lilo in grand form completed the soiree with eventful grandeur.

For more information or contact, visit their websites:

I will be in Tahiti this summer for Heiva and am excited for Mervin and Maohi Nui to be there also, representing Hawaii nei's love and respect for tahitian dance.


Mehetia Productions, a participant group at Heiva I Honolulu is offering a Tahitian Dance Boot Camp.  There is an invitation to all who are interested of all levels of tahitian dance.

The Boot Camp is 5 days at Kualoa Beach Park, March 23-27, 8:00 - 12:00 for $60.  You can register online at or in person!  For more information you can email or call (808)723-4998.

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For anyone who participated or watched the 2009 Heiva i Honolulu, you were kept aware of the happenings by Master of Ceremony Johann Hironui Bouit. A broadcast journalist by trade, Johann is the anchor for Tahiti Nui Television and an audio-visual producer/director for television, documentary films and commercial projects. He has been involved in over a dozen cultural television productions involving Ori Tahiti.

Johann held the program together with fun and interesting information as well as a preview of his own dancing skills. Not only was he acting as MC, he also was preparing a project for his Pacific Network operation. He has produced a new "Heiva i Honolulu" channel on his website filled with highlights and other videos of Tahitian dance and areas that relate to all the work that goes into dancing and putting the extravagant pageantry and presentations together. Check it out and keep watch for future developments in this great voice for the Tahitian dance community.

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Letter from Heikapua Sabarsah (Ra'atira pupu of Tiare Heipua)

Maururu nui roa to Tahiti Nui International board members. My name is Heikapua Sabarsah (Ra'atira pupu of Tiare Heipua). We just got back to Japan last night and are still excited. This great experience will remain with each one of us forever and we will make more effort to learn Tahitian culture.

Next year, we'd like to come back with greater numbers including keiki. I hope you could consider having a keiki division in the future so that I can encourage them much more.

Again, thank you for your effort to make this great event come alive and let us join in a part of Tahitian Family.

Tiare Heipua is a Tahitian dance group from Ishikawa, Japan. They were awarded 1st place in each of the Junior Aparima division, Junior Ahupurotu division, Mama Ruau Ahupurotu division, and were also awarded the Junior Overall trophy. This is the second consecutive year that they have won the Junior Overall award.

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With 22 Tahitian dance groups represented in the solo competition, there were guaranteed to be plenty of great performances. Last minute additions added to the competition going over time.

Heiva i Honolulu 2009 started a few minutes late but moved quickly through the first round. An exhibition round of 2-3 year olds started an afternoon and evening full of energetic dance and drumming. The second round saw at least 4 ties in several age groups and required dance offs. Results of the solo competition were announced about 9:30 pm amid an umbrella wielding loyal crowd waiting in the cold light rain.

Master of Ceremony Cathy Teriipaia announced the 1st place dancers for each age group. The 1st place dancers will be competing today (Friday) for the overall tane and vahine soloist awards.

Full results for each category will be announced on Saturday during the awards ceremony (8:30 pm). Heiva i Honolulu 2009 is taking place at the Waikiki Shell and runs from March 12-14, 2009. Admission is $15 - 11 yrs and older, $10 (4-10 yrs old) and free for 3 and under. Tickets are available at the Waikiki Shell box office, Times Supermarkets, The Blaisdell Center box office, BYU Hawaii and online at

Group competition begins today with groups from Honolulu, Keaau, Kihei, Okinawa, Nagano, Fukui, Ishikawa and Tokyo. Gates open at 2 pm and the competition begins at 4 pm.

Here are results released for the solo competition last night:

1. Ku'umanu Kupau of Maohi Nui

1. Skyler Ramento of Heretama Nui

1. Denise Robinson of Manutahi Tahiti

1. Troy Spacek of Manutahi Tahiti

1. Poerava Lee of Te 'E'a O Te Turama

1. Zachary Isaac of Te Mana O Te Ra

1. Chelsea Clement of Te 'E'a O Te Turama

1. Kawahineha'aheo Oliver of Urahutia Productions

AGE 18-21 TANE
1. Peter Flores of Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui

1. Michelle Baker of Nemenzo

AGE 22-26 TANE
1. Keawe McArthur of Ma'ohi Nui

1. Charity Offril of Te Mana O Te Ra

AGE 27-35 TANE
1. Andre Mata'afa-Alferos of Ma'ohi Nui

1. Leandra Thompson of Nemenzo

1. Lawakua Gabriel of Manutahi Tahiti

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If you've visited the Tahiti Nui International website lately, passed by a poster, given a flyer or seen the ads in some of the local publications, you've probably noticed that striking young woman in a Tahitian outfit equally eye catching. Who is that girl, you ask?

It's none other than local girl Savanna Alcosiba from the Tahitian dance group Here Tama Nui. When notified that she was going to be adorning all the Heiva i Honolulu marketing materials this year, she was ecstatic to say the least. At only 15, she embodies many of the qualities of a dedicated dancer.

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Here's the complete schedule for the 2009 Heiva i Honolulu. Please note that this the final draft. However, changes may occur that may require minor adjustments. But it looks to be an exciting event. With 10 dance groups and over 150 soloists, the event is shaping up to be a very busy weekend.

The 2009 Heiva i Honolulu will take place March 12-14, 2009 at the Waikiki Shell. Tickets are available online at, the Blaisdell Center ticket box office, Times Supermarkets, BYU Hawaii and also at the Waikiki Shell box office the days of the event. Visit the official website for more information.

This years event is also a contributing partner with the Honolulu Festival. The festival activities will be occuring throughout this week as well.


2:00 pm Gate and Booths open to the Public

4:00 pm Greetings & Welcome
“Pure” (Blessing) by invitation
VIPs, Emcees, Judges, & House drummers


Tamari’i Division:
2 - 3 yrs: Tamahine & Tamaroa (Exhibition)
4 - 6 yrs: Tamahine & Tamaroa
7 - 10 yrs: Tamahine & Tamaroa

Taure’are’a Division:
11 - 13 yrs: Tamahine & Tamaroa
14 - 17 yrs: Tamahine & Tamaroa

Vahine/Tane Division:
18 – 21 yrs: Vahine & Tane
22 – 26 yrs: Vahine & Tane
27 – 35 yrs: Vahine & Tane

Ta’ata Pa’ari Division:
36yrs & above: Vahine & Tane

BREAK: 6:30 – 7:00 pm


Tamari’i Division
4 - 6 yrs: Tamahine & Tamaroa
7 - 10 yrs: Tamahine & Tamaroa

Taure’are’a Division
11 - 13 yrs: Tamahine & Tamaroa
14 - 17 yrs: Tamahine & Tamaroa

Vahine/Tane Division
18 - 21 yrs: Vahine & Tane
22 - 26 yrs: Vahine & Tane
27 - 35 yrs: Vahine & Tane

Ta’ata Pa’ari Division
36 yrs & above Vahine & Tane

9:00 – 9:30 pm - Awards Ceremony: Solo - Final winners

Program ends at approximately 9:30 pm

FRIDAY - MARCH 13, 2009

2:00 pm Gate and Booths open to the Public

4:00 pm Greetings & Welcome
Pure (Blessing) by invitation
Acknowledgement of the VIPs, Emcees, & Judges


Tamari’i Division
4 - 6 yrs 1st Place Tamahine & Tamaroa
7 - 10 yrs - 1st Place Tamahine & Tamaroa

Taure’are’a Division
11 - 13 yrs 1st Place Tamahine & Tamaroa
14 - 17 yrs 1st Place Tamahine & Tamaroa

Vahine/Tane Division
18 - 21 yrs 1st Place Vahine & Tane
22 - 26 yrs 1st Place Vahine & Tane
27 - 35 yrs 1st Place Vahine & Tane

Ta’ata Pa’ari Division
36 yrs + 1st Place Vahine & Tane


5:15 pm TIARE HEIPUA - Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – AHUPUROTU
Heikapua/Pualani (Ra’atira pupu) – Okinawa, Japan

Charelle Silva (Ra’atira pupu) – Kaneohe, HI

Heikapua Sabarsah (Ra’atira pupu) – Fukui, Japan

6:00 pm MERAHI PRODUCTIONS featuring Tiare Apetahi
- Hura Ava Tau (Jr) - OVERALL
Tiffany Dela Cruz/Seisha Tobosa (Ra’atira pupu) – Keaau, HI

BREAK: 6:30 – 7:00 pm

– Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – AHUPUROTU
Yuko Imai (Ra’atira pupu) – Tokyo, Japan

7:15 pm TIARE HEIPUA – Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – APARIMA
Heikapua Sabarsah (Ra’atira pupu) – Ishikawa, Japan

Tahia Parker (Ra’atira pupu) – Makiki, Hawaii

7:45 pm TIARE HEIPUA – Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – OVERALL
Heikapua Sabarsah (Ra’atira pupu) – Ishikawa, Japan

8:15 pm TE MAU MERAHI – Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – AHUPUROTU
Kepa Aricayos (Ra’atira pupu) – Kihei, Maui

Program ends at approximately 9:30 pm


2:00 pm Gate and Booths open to the Public

4:00 pm Greetings & Welcome
Pure (Blessing) by invitation
VIPs, Emcees, Judges, & House drummers


4:00 pm TE MAU MERAHI – Hura Ava Tau (Jr) – APARIMA
Kepa Aricayos (Ra’atira pupu) – Kihei, Maui

4:15 pm TE VAI URA NUI - Hura Tau (Sr) – DRUMMING
Tyrone Temanaha Jr. (Ra’atira rohi pehe) – Honolulu, Hawaii

Keoni Manuel (Ra’atira pupu) – Wailuku, Maui

4:45 pm IA ORA O TAHITI NUI – Hura Tau (Sr) – DRUMMING
Kevin, Aulii, Manarii (Ra’atira pupu) – Waipi’o, O’ahu

5:00 pm TE TIARE PATITIFA – Hura Tau (Sr) – APARIMA
Keoni Manuel (Ra’atira pupu) – Wailuku, Maui

BREAK: 5:15 – 6:15 pm

6:15 pm TE TIARE PATITIFA – Hura Tau (Sr) – OVERALL
Keoni Manuel (Ra’atira pupu) – Wailuku, Maui

6:45 pm TE MANA O TE RA – Hura Tau (Sr) – AHUPUROTU
Lisa & Ray Aguilar (Ra’atira pupu) – Walnut Creek, California

7:15 pm IA ORA O TAHITI NUI – Hura Tau (Sr) OVERALL
Kevin, Aulii, Manarii (Ra’atira pupu) – Waipi’o, O’ahu


Program ends at approximately 9:30 PM

Heiva i Honolulu is an event produced by Tahiti Nui International. The non-profit organization is led by Raymond Mariteragi (President) and Rose Perriera (Vice-President) and a board of directors made up of Tahitian community leaders.

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Ia Orana All!

The deadline for the "Heiva I honolulu" 2009 Solo Competition has been extended to March 6, 2009.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or contact Rose Perreira,  All forms are updated and on our website for download and submission by mail, or in person by Friday, March 6, 2009. 

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This blog post will be designed to field any questions regarding "Heiva I Honolulu" 2009. I invite you all to post your inquiry and I will be sure to field your question with a response as soon as I am able!


Our webmaster has designed a fabulous new look for Tahiti Nui International from his personal print designs and a photo of one of our ori soloists from our "Heiva I Honolulu" 2008 photos! This design and face will grace our website, advertisement and marketing pieces through 2009. Can you guess who it is?