Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Polynesian Cultural Center's ninth annual Te Mahana Hiro'a o Tahiti dance competition for children agens 3-18 will be held Friday July 10th, and Saturday July 11th..

The Friday evening preliminary competition will take place in the PCC's Hale Aloha luau amphitherater, starting at 7:45pm, and the Saturday finals will be in the Pacific Theater starting at 9:00am.

As usual an independent panel of Tahitian judges will determine the winners in age and gender categories.

The Cultural Center's Tahitian celebration is held each year about the same time as the Heiva, which traditionally was the French Polynesian observance of France's Bastille Day. Since French Polynesia obtained autonomie from France on June 29, 1974, the Heiva festival has become much more a grand celebration of Tahitian culture . . . much like the one you can enjoy at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Please plan to join us for one of our most colorful special events. Maururu (thanks).


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