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‎"Mauruuru roa to all who participated in TNI's Inaugural Heiva I Las Vegas 2011! Such an event is only possible with the support of every participant; group, soloist, vendor, staff, volunteer, sponsor, judge and guest are all essential to combining incredible spirit and energy into one purpose. Mille fois merci." ~ Tahiti Nui International

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UPDATE ~ Overall Solo Results

Overall Tane ~ DJ Kekuaokalani / Nonosina Hawaii

Overall Vahine ~Edie Stanley / Heali'is Polynesian Revue

Tamari’i Tamahine/Tamaroa 4–6yrs

Tamahine First Place ~ Hinavaianatapu Vainuku / Te Hamata

Tamahine Second Place ~ Maile Tuikolovatu / Te Hamata

Tamahine Third Place ~ Lavinia Felila / Te Hamata

Tamaroa First Place ~ Dominic Hill / Tamatoa

Tamaroa Second Place ~ Kanai Smith / Na Lei O Kahikilani

Tamari'i Tamahine/Tamaroa 7–10yrs

Tamari'i Tamahine First Place ~ Zsalei Valdez / Tevakanui

Tamari'i Tamahine Second Place ~ Selynna Suapaia / Te Hamata

Tamari'i Tamahine Third Place ~ Telesia Vainuku / Te Hamata

Tamari'i Tamaroa First Place ~ Teanu George / Tevakanui

Tamari'i Tamaroa Second Place ~ Keola Perez / Tevakanui

Tamari'i Tamaroa Third Place ~ Frankie Mendiola / Tevakanui

Taure’are’a Vahine/Tane 11 – 13yrs

Taure'are'a Vahine First Place ~ Sammy McClymonds / Hiti'a O Te Ra

Taure'are'a Vahine Second Place ~ Kayla Pimental / Independent

Taure'are'a Vahine Third Place ~ Leilani Sakura Weaver / Tiare Heipua

Taure'are'a Tane First Place ~ Kai Sabarsah / Tiare Heipua

Taure'are'a Tane Second Place ~ Akui Kapono / Hiti'a O Te Ra

Taure'are'a Tane Third Place ~ Lassen Genilla / Rau Tamanui

Taure’are’a Vahine/Tane 14 - 17

Taure'are'a Vahine First Place ~ Sydney McLeish / Healii's Polynesian Revue

Taure'are'a Vahine Second Place ~ Kaylani Mendiola / Tevakanui

Taure'are'a Vahine Third Place ~ Alexis Genilla / Rau Tamanui

Taure'are'a Tane First Place ~ Naenoa George / Tevakanui

Taure'are'a Tane Second Place ~ Ki-jana Matthews / Rau Tamanui

Taure'are'a Tane Third Place ~ Keahi George / Tevakanui

Vahine/Tane 18–21yrs

Vahine First Place ~ Charzelle Fuller McAngus / Maohi Nui

Vahine Second Place ~ Rosemarie Olea / Hiti'a O Te Ra

Vahine Third Place ~ Jessica Ruales / Rau Tamanui

Tane First Place ~ Okuto Horiuchi / Tiare Heipua

Tane Second Place ~ Kianu Neil-Messiona / Manutahi

Vahine/Tane 22–26yrs

Vahine First Place ~ Eddie Heali'i Stanley / Healii's Polynesian Revue

Vahine Second Place ~ Kari Nip / Heali'is Polynesian Revue

Vahine Third Place ~ Melissa Olea / Hiti'a O Te Ra

Tane First Place ~ Takafumi Gima / Tiare Heipua

Tane Second Place ~ Yoshichika Gima / Tiare Heipua

Tane Third Place ~ Akira Takahashi / Tiare Heipua

Vahine/Tane 27–35yrs

Vahine First Place ~ Akane Toyama / Tiare Heipua

Vahine Second Place ~ Rie Kitaiwa / Tiare Heipua

Vahine Third Place ~ Dania Hill / Tamatoa

Tane First Place ~ DJ Kekuaokalani / Nonosina Hawaii

Tane Second Place ~ Heitoki Jr. Maile / Pacific Generation

Ta’ata Pa’ari Vahine/Tane 36yrs+

Ta'ata Pa'ari Vahine First Place ~ Yvette George / Tevakanui

Ta'ata Pa'ari Vahine Second Place ~ Jaime Kahalepo / Independent

Ta'ata Pa'ari Vahine Third Place ~ Yumiko Kitazume / Te Hei Ura Polynesian Studio

Ta'ata Pa'ari Tane First Place ~ Henry George / Tevakanui