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Ia Orana ALL! Life has thrown me a curve or two in the past month, so I am slightly delayed with the Participant Packet for Heiva I Honolulu 2012.

With the new additions to the Overall and additional awards, we want to be sure the Rules & Regulations for the Overall and additional award categories assist in accomplishing our Mission. Thank you for your patience. Many of you have sent me your email addresses for a copy of the Packet once completed. For those that have not been able to contact me, please feel free to do so or come back to the website once an update has posted.

REMINDER - This Heiva is our 10th Annual Celebration Event. We have added a participant social to be held at a local hotel in Waikiki March 14, 2012. It will be an event to meet everyone, pick up registration materials, and be social.

If you haven't yet signed to follow our blog, do so today!

See you all soon!


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‎"Mauruuru roa to all who participated in TNI's Inaugural Heiva I Las Vegas 2011! Such an event is only possible with the support of every participant; group, soloist, vendor, staff, volunteer, sponsor, judge and guest are all essential to combining incredible spirit and energy into one purpose. Mille fois merci." ~ Tahiti Nui International

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UPDATE ~ Overall Solo Results

Overall Tane ~ DJ Kekuaokalani / Nonosina Hawaii

Overall Vahine ~Edie Stanley / Heali'is Polynesian Revue

Tamari’i Tamahine/Tamaroa 4–6yrs

Tamahine First Place ~ Hinavaianatapu Vainuku / Te Hamata

Tamahine Second Place ~ Maile Tuikolovatu / Te Hamata

Tamahine Third Place ~ Lavinia Felila / Te Hamata

Tamaroa First Place ~ Dominic Hill / Tamatoa

Tamaroa Second Place ~ Kanai Smith / Na Lei O Kahikilani

Tamari'i Tamahine/Tamaroa 7–10yrs

Tamari'i Tamahine First Place ~ Zsalei Valdez / Tevakanui

Tamari'i Tamahine Second Place ~ Selynna Suapaia / Te Hamata

Tamari'i Tamahine Third Place ~ Telesia Vainuku / Te Hamata

Tamari'i Tamaroa First Place ~ Teanu George / Tevakanui

Tamari'i Tamaroa Second Place ~ Keola Perez / Tevakanui

Tamari'i Tamaroa Third Place ~ Frankie Mendiola / Tevakanui

Taure’are’a Vahine/Tane 11 – 13yrs

Taure'are'a Vahine First Place ~ Sammy McClymonds / Hiti'a O Te Ra

Taure'are'a Vahine Second Place ~ Kayla Pimental / Independent

Taure'are'a Vahine Third Place ~ Leilani Sakura Weaver / Tiare Heipua

Taure'are'a Tane First Place ~ Kai Sabarsah / Tiare Heipua

Taure'are'a Tane Second Place ~ Akui Kapono / Hiti'a O Te Ra

Taure'are'a Tane Third Place ~ Lassen Genilla / Rau Tamanui

Taure’are’a Vahine/Tane 14 - 17

Taure'are'a Vahine First Place ~ Sydney McLeish / Healii's Polynesian Revue

Taure'are'a Vahine Second Place ~ Kaylani Mendiola / Tevakanui

Taure'are'a Vahine Third Place ~ Alexis Genilla / Rau Tamanui

Taure'are'a Tane First Place ~ Naenoa George / Tevakanui

Taure'are'a Tane Second Place ~ Ki-jana Matthews / Rau Tamanui

Taure'are'a Tane Third Place ~ Keahi George / Tevakanui

Vahine/Tane 18–21yrs

Vahine First Place ~ Charzelle Fuller McAngus / Maohi Nui

Vahine Second Place ~ Rosemarie Olea / Hiti'a O Te Ra

Vahine Third Place ~ Jessica Ruales / Rau Tamanui

Tane First Place ~ Okuto Horiuchi / Tiare Heipua

Tane Second Place ~ Kianu Neil-Messiona / Manutahi

Vahine/Tane 22–26yrs

Vahine First Place ~ Eddie Heali'i Stanley / Healii's Polynesian Revue

Vahine Second Place ~ Kari Nip / Heali'is Polynesian Revue

Vahine Third Place ~ Melissa Olea / Hiti'a O Te Ra

Tane First Place ~ Takafumi Gima / Tiare Heipua

Tane Second Place ~ Yoshichika Gima / Tiare Heipua

Tane Third Place ~ Akira Takahashi / Tiare Heipua

Vahine/Tane 27–35yrs

Vahine First Place ~ Akane Toyama / Tiare Heipua

Vahine Second Place ~ Rie Kitaiwa / Tiare Heipua

Vahine Third Place ~ Dania Hill / Tamatoa

Tane First Place ~ DJ Kekuaokalani / Nonosina Hawaii

Tane Second Place ~ Heitoki Jr. Maile / Pacific Generation

Ta’ata Pa’ari Vahine/Tane 36yrs+

Ta'ata Pa'ari Vahine First Place ~ Yvette George / Tevakanui

Ta'ata Pa'ari Vahine Second Place ~ Jaime Kahalepo / Independent

Ta'ata Pa'ari Vahine Third Place ~ Yumiko Kitazume / Te Hei Ura Polynesian Studio

Ta'ata Pa'ari Tane First Place ~ Henry George / Tevakanui

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ALL TICKET SALES at the Cashman Center will be CASH ONLY. Ticket sales will open at 830am and remain open throughout the event day.

Mauruuru roa.

Tahiti Nui International


It's been two nights since arriving in Las Vegas and checking in to our host hotel, The Golden Nugget - LV. Groups have begun arriving slowly, as well as other out-of-town volunteers.

If you are here, don't hesitate to say HI!


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The Heiva I Las Vegas Program Schedule is officially posted. Here is a link to it:

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My excitement is building as the days countdown to Heiva I Las Vegas 2011 at the Cashman Center. I have reviewed my travel plans, yet again. Hotel - check, Car rental - check, Air travel - check. Not to mention the numerous tasks needed to be completed in preparation for the event.

We will have groups participating from Hawaii, Japan, and from across the continental USA. I look forward to seeing everyone! MANA

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Please be sure to read the solo costume requirements. There are two costumes required. A costume for the elimination rounds ONE and TWO, and a costume for the Final round.

Please review the Solo rules and regulations. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email,


Attention Heiva participants! The solo application deadline has been extended to August 18, 2011.

I have been receiving many last minute entry inquiries. As we appreciate all of you who have had timely registrations, we have made a decision to provide time for additional participant requests.

Should you have any questions feel free to contact me via email,

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General Admission tickets, for guests not affiliated with a participating group or soloist, are available for pre-order using the Ticket Order Form. This year ticket sales are not available via ticketmaster, but instead via a pre-order process directly with Tahiti Nui International.

Performing groups not participating in Heiva I Las Vegas may order using the same form.

Click here TICKETS to be directed to our Tickets web page.

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The deadline for Group and Vendor participants was extended to match that of the Solo participants, August 1, 2011.

This is a friendly reminder that the deadline is just a few days away. Get in your applications, fact sheets and bios, and photos in as soon as possible. August 4, 2011 is our final deadline to submit all photos and bios for the design and publishing of the Heiva I Las Vegas 2011 Souvenir Program.

Just a month away and the excitement is building!

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Today, July 29, 2011 is the reservation cut off date for room reservations at the Golden Nugget for Tahiti Nui International's Heiva I Las Vegas special rates. As of 5pm PST today, the block of rooms being held under the special contracted rates for Heiva I Las Vegas will be released.

If you haven't booked your rooms, please contact the Golden Nugget reservations directly and continue to request for the special rate. The Golden Nugget will do their best to accommodate the rate based on room availability. (Golden Nugget reservations 1-800-634-3454)

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I enjoy watching Heiva Tahiti, produced by Heiva Nui, despite a lot of the politics that take place around the event. As I was unable to attend this year, I'm collecting what I am able to find on youtube and elsewhere and post their link(s) here for easy reference. Enjoy!

Tahitipresse covers Heiva Tahiti 2011 Award Night



  • 1er Prix : Hanatika
  • 2e Prix : Fare ‘ihi no Huahine
  • 3e Prix : Ngate Kaianu no Rapa


  • 1er Prix : Tahiti Ora
  • 2e Prix : Ahutoru Nui
  • 3e Prix : Toakura
  • Meilleur danseur : Papeete.
  • Meilleure danseuse : Moena Maiotu’i de Tahiti Ora


  • Costume végétal : Tahiti Ora
  • Grand costume : Toakura


  • 1er prix patrimoine : Ahutoru Nui
  • 1er prix création : Fare Ihi no Huahine


  • 1er prix : Tamarii Papeari
  • 2e prix : Tamarii Mataiea
  • 3e prix : Afaahiti


  • 1er prix : Manotahi Punaauia
  • 2e prix : Tera’ihaunui
  • 3e prix : Fare ‘Ihi


  • 1er prix : Ngate Kaianu no Rapa
  • 2e prix : Autimatea
  • 3e prix : Pupu Tuhaa pe Ru’au
  • 1er prix : Vaihoataua
  • 2e prix : Pere’aitu Paea
  • 3e prix : Tamarii Papeari
  • Ute paripari : Paea Pere’aitu
  • Ute ‘arearea : Nagate Kaianu no Rapa


Meilleur auteur (écriture des textes) : John Mairai

Thank you to La Depeche Tahiti for posting the results so quickly.

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The Golden Nugget Hotel is Tahiti Nui International's Heiva I Las Vegas host hotel!

The reservation process was simple. I called in, mentioned the event group and was quoted rates for the dates I needed. As I had stayed in the hotel earlier this year, I knew quality was not an issue, nor safety.

I booked my room for five nights over the event period and upgraded myself to the Gold Tower and added on VIP service. I like to think I'm special. ;D

During my previous visit to the Golden Nugget, I was impressed with guest rooms as well as the number of security and staff there was to accommodate guests in all areas of the hotel. They have one of the best steak houses in Las Vegas in the hotel. There is also an awesome shark tank adjacent to the pool with a slide that was entertaining and fun at the same time. I look forward to my next stay, although much of my stay will be about planning, organizing, and working the Heiva I Las Vegas event.

All Tahiti Nui International staff will be at the Golden Nugget. Should you have any questions while in Las Vegas during the event you can find us there or at the venue during the event. See you all there! BOOK YOUR HOTEL TODAY!


I am receiving many emails regarding Ticket sales for Heiva I Las Vegas 2011 at the Cashmen Center.

Advanced general admission and participant admission ticket purchases is available for Group, Vendor, and Solo participants and their families via the Ticket Order Form request process.

General Admission is $15 per day. Group and Solo participant admission is $10 per day. These rates apply to ages 11+. For children under the age of 11, ticket prices are General Admission $10 and participant admission $6 per day per person.

NOTE: Group and Solo participants are the actual performers - dancers, drummers, singers, and group leaders.

If you do not already have a Ticket Order Form and are unable to download one from, feel free to contact me at I can forward a form to you within minutes via email. Tickets will not be sold at

Advance ticket purchases using the form noted, must be made by money order accompanying your Ticket Order form to the address noted on the form.

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After a successful “Heiva I Honolulu” in 2010, Tahiti Nui International reviewed the opportunity to take our “Heiva” format further around the World. Having taken our solo format to Tahiti in 2007, as well as the entire Heiva format to Japan, Tahiti Nui International is excited to host its first “Heiva I Las Vegas” to be held at the Cashman Center, Las Vegas, Nevada September 2-3, 2011, with a possible add on date of September 1, 2011.

We know many locally in Hawaii, and worldwide, look forward to participating as spectator and/or performer at the Waikiki Shell. Although it is our regret that this opportunity will not take place this year, we invite you to join us in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as prepare for “Heiva I Honolulu 2012”.

“Heiva I Honolulu 2012” will be our 10-year anniversary. This anniversary will be a celebration like no other. We encourage groups and individuals to prepare for “Heiva I Honoulu” March 2012. We will be adding additional awards, as well as opening up new dance categories and divisions.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at


Tahiti Nui International is excited to host its first “Heiva I Las Vegas” to be held at the Cashman Center, Las Vegas, Nevada September 2-3, 2011, with a possible add on date of September 1, 2011.

Since the inception of Tahiti Nui International, it has always been our interest to take our “Heiva” format around the World. We have anticipated this moment for a long time and are anxious to provide another venue for the many Tahitian performing groups and Polynesian arts and crafts vendors worldwide.

For Heiva I Las Vegas 2011, we welcome all participants, groups and individuals to the Cashman Center, September 2-3, 2011.

All inquiries may be forwarded to