Tahiti Nui International
Mission Statement

Tahiti Nui International is a cultural organization founded for the purposes of preserving, promoting, and sharing the cultures, arts and crafts of the 5 groups of Islands of French Polynesia, commonly known to the world as “Tahiti".

In accomplishing this, we will:

Organize and hold annual or periodic cultural educational events such as but not limited to Heiva, art festivals, competitive sports, dance and music workshops, language seminars, varieties of lecture, and any other unique and profound aspect of the culture, history, and people of Tahiti.

Provide the opportunity to all to participate in these events, regardless of their color, race, gender, age or religion, in order that they may learn, appreciate, preserve, and share any or all aspects of this magnificent culture.

Contribute to the higher educational development through scholarship funds, of both Tahitian and non-Tahitian students that have achieved the standards established for those respective grants.

Establish a library or center of learning by organizing, filtering, selecting, documenting and filing all data, events, research and new findings, resulting from the work done from any or all of these events, in order that these things may be preserved and made available to any that have an interest in them.