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The biggest news of Heiva I Tahiti 2009, is that of Hei Tahiti! In grand form, their presentation is based on the sharing of the land of Raivaevae. Two brothers who confront each other, with some challenge, over the land of Raivaevae.

With spectacular costuming, energy, and performance, Tiare Trompette and Hei Tahiti memoralized the evening's events with one of the "best" finales ever!

Again, remember, as I am not on-site, I am following the events via my "at the moment" dearest friend La Depeche Tahiti and friends via email! Follow the daily updates of La Depeche Tahiti:

Also in the same evening's performance were Les Tamariki Oparo and a collection of performers from Grand Ballets of Tahiti and Tahiti Ora under the group of Pereaitu of Paea.


With Heiva I Tahiti Group Presentations near closing, July 18, 2009, and my own return to the states from Tokyo has me settled, I want to be sure to update you regarding Heiva I Tahiti!

As we all know, many ori tahiti groups from "America" are in Papeete attending and participating in some of the Heiva 2009 events. Performing "sur scene" or on-stage are many of our outstanding groups, Nemenzo, being one of them. La Depeche Tahiti notes that Nemenzo, although small in number compared to their actual group number back in the states, is once again well received by Tahiti! Hats off to Elizabeth, family, and group for great individual and group presentations during Heiva! Tahiti is raving about the emotional enthusiasm and physical performances of individuals and groups from the U.S.

I love reading of such well receiving, as we hesitate at each action to ponder how we affect the world...why hesitate, just make it happen! And you have Elizabeth! Here is a shout to you!

Froggie, I found this photo of you in La Depeche Tahiti! You are still making headlines buddy. Everyone needs to follow La Depeche Tahiti's reporting of Heiva I Tahiti! They update Heiva daily on their website with photos and links. Here is a link to today's update:

Tonight, July 18, 2009 is the last night of Heiva I Tahiti Group Presentations until the actual awards, which I believe are shceduled for July 23, 2009. However, throughout the next week, peformances and other presentations will continue until July 23!

Everyone in Papeete sur place or on-site---"Continue the Magic", even without me!

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In the category of Heiva Nui, some of the biggest names in Heiva I Tahiti 2009 opened the first night of song and dance. O Tahiti E, A hutoru Nui, Heikura Nui, and Hitireva!

Spectacle, tradition, and people filled Toata Saturday night for the big event. The four groups brought forth their traditional presentations. Although, DVDs are not yet available and may not be for months to come, youtube normally features some highlights, AND most importantly RFO Polynesie, a local media group will be airing some of Heiva I Tahiti in July.

Visit their website for more:


The 127th edition of Heiva I Tahiti opened up with the traditional kava ceremony at Place Toata Friday night! La Depeche Tahiti, a news source for French Polynesia, announced 14 dance groups and 11 song groups are set to take stage at Toata over the next two weeks.

With the many challenges pronounced prior to the Heiva by the voices of the community, the Minister acknowledged hearing the out cry for assistance and promised that with help from others, solutions will be found. Some of the problems existing today at the local level are rehearsal space, parking, group financing, and most importantly just the lack of consideration for the efforts to bring about the Heiva I Tahiti.

This evening was highlighted by a traditional orero, much song and rhythms, and a special aparima by Janine Maru.

Stay tuned here for more highlights!

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Polynesian Cultural Center's "Te Mahana Hiro'a O Tahiti" - Tahitian Dance Competition was held this past weekend, July 10-11, 2009.

The event opened up Friday evening at Hale Aloha with the Tamarai'i (Junior and Senior Divisions) Solo Competition. The youngest under 5 were adorable with parents just off stage anxious for their children to dance and hop around as they do at home. The rest of the night was filled with color and showmanship. Jordan Mariteragi won the Tamari'i Tane Jr. Overall Soloist! Jasmine, also of Nonosina Hawaii took the Tamari'i Vahine Overall Soloist title in the Sr. Division. I don't have all the winners listed, but you can find them at PCC's website Tahiti Festival webpage.

The group events, Saturday, presented infants to teens in group performance. Marania Haoragi directed by Tahia Parker, Te Hamata directed by Penny Tuilolo, and Nonosina Hawaii directed by Jon and Tiani Mariteragi took the PCC Main stage in song and dance! From the well known popular tunes and beats of French Polynesia to the new, Nonosina Hawaii came home with Sr. Division first place honors. For all awards see PCC's website for details and photos.