Monday, July 13, 2009

In the category of Heiva Nui, some of the biggest names in Heiva I Tahiti 2009 opened the first night of song and dance. O Tahiti E, A hutoru Nui, Heikura Nui, and Hitireva!

Spectacle, tradition, and people filled Toata Saturday night for the big event. The four groups brought forth their traditional presentations. Although, DVDs are not yet available and may not be for months to come, youtube normally features some highlights, AND most importantly RFO Polynesie, a local media group will be airing some of Heiva I Tahiti in July.

Visit their website for more:


Mana Mo'o said...

I had taught a young japanese vahine in Tokyo who has courageously been in Tahiti for months now dancing and performing with Heikura Nui! She performed Saturday night and told me she is excited and overwhelmed by the amount of culture around her.

I had suggested several groups for her to look into to learn tahitian and dance in this year's Heiva...she chose Heikura Nui with Iriti and family and friends.

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