Saturday, July 18, 2009

With Heiva I Tahiti Group Presentations near closing, July 18, 2009, and my own return to the states from Tokyo has me settled, I want to be sure to update you regarding Heiva I Tahiti!

As we all know, many ori tahiti groups from "America" are in Papeete attending and participating in some of the Heiva 2009 events. Performing "sur scene" or on-stage are many of our outstanding groups, Nemenzo, being one of them. La Depeche Tahiti notes that Nemenzo, although small in number compared to their actual group number back in the states, is once again well received by Tahiti! Hats off to Elizabeth, family, and group for great individual and group presentations during Heiva! Tahiti is raving about the emotional enthusiasm and physical performances of individuals and groups from the U.S.

I love reading of such well receiving, as we hesitate at each action to ponder how we affect the world...why hesitate, just make it happen! And you have Elizabeth! Here is a shout to you!

Froggie, I found this photo of you in La Depeche Tahiti! You are still making headlines buddy. Everyone needs to follow La Depeche Tahiti's reporting of Heiva I Tahiti! They update Heiva daily on their website with photos and links. Here is a link to today's update:

Tonight, July 18, 2009 is the last night of Heiva I Tahiti Group Presentations until the actual awards, which I believe are shceduled for July 23, 2009. However, throughout the next week, peformances and other presentations will continue until July 23!

Everyone in Papeete sur place or on-site---"Continue the Magic", even without me!


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