Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Letter from Heikapua Sabarsah (Ra'atira pupu of Tiare Heipua)

Maururu nui roa to Tahiti Nui International board members. My name is Heikapua Sabarsah (Ra'atira pupu of Tiare Heipua). We just got back to Japan last night and are still excited. This great experience will remain with each one of us forever and we will make more effort to learn Tahitian culture.

Next year, we'd like to come back with greater numbers including keiki. I hope you could consider having a keiki division in the future so that I can encourage them much more.

Again, thank you for your effort to make this great event come alive and let us join in a part of Tahitian Family.

Tiare Heipua is a Tahitian dance group from Ishikawa, Japan. They were awarded 1st place in each of the Junior Aparima division, Junior Ahupurotu division, Mama Ruau Ahupurotu division, and were also awarded the Junior Overall trophy. This is the second consecutive year that they have won the Junior Overall award.


Mana Mo'o said...

Following Heiva I Honolulu, Sunday, March 15, Heikapua and Tiare Heipua representing Tahiti Nui International, performed at the Honolulu Festival's Hawaii Convention Center Main Stage! Their thirty minute performance included highlights of their award winning Otea and Ahupurotu.

They were perfect as usual. The audience was amazed, expressing ooh's and aah's during their introduction and post-performance. Tiare Heipua were so well liked the Honolulu Festival organizers are thinking ahead to next year I am sure.

Much thanks goes our to Tiare Heipua and Heikapua for their participation and representation at the Honolulu Festival 2009.

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