Saturday, March 23, 2013

TAHITI MANA, Hura Tau group participant from Honolulu, Hawaii concluded the day's events with their interpretation of the famous legend of Tafa'i, Tahitian demi-god that championed any great feat including the reunification of the spirit and body of his beloved Hina. (Photo Above)

Groups gathered for competition at the Waikiki Shell Friday, as finalists awaited anxiously for the results of Thursday's solo competition.  Friday morning began with Hura Ava Tau group participant Tamatoa's Tamari'i Otea themed Voyage, followed by other group entry performances:  Tiare Ura O Tahiti's Drumming and Vahine Aparima entries, as well as Nenemenzo's drumming and Tamatoa's return with their Vahine Ahupurotu.  The Solo Award Ceremony highlighted the afternoon despite the incredible performances of hard hitting drumming by Tamatoa, and ote'a exhibition by one of Tahiti's very own dance schools from Taravao, O'Raineari'i, directed by Hearani Salmon.


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