Friday, March 29, 2013


E te mau hoa here, IaOrana tatou
As the new President of Tahiti Nui International, I would like to start by saying “Bravo”!  I am humbled and overwhelmed by the response that we as an organization have received thus far.
Each of you performed your hearts out.   From the front of stage dancers, singers and drummers, the tamarii, to the back of stage, the parents who helped with costuming and rehearsals; you all deserve a big round of applause.  I take my hat off to the Ra’atira Pupu for your ingenuity, creativity, and ability to execute such incredible presentations.  You are truly amazing and I remain awestruck at the leadership you have exemplified during the entire event.
A special recognition is well deserved for Auntie Denise, Christopher, Allen and Theresa Ramento of Here Tama Nui.  Congratulations for your win as Hura Tau Overall Grand Champion for the third consecutive year.  Your theme presentation of Herumoa, Te Hanahana o Waikiki was “genius” and enjoyed by our judges.  Thank you for your suggestions to showcase the Hura Tau Grand Champion as the closing group in all future Heiva I Honolulu.  This will be implemented and documented into the group rules and regulations for 2014.
I would like to welcome back Tiare Ura O Tahiti to the Waikiki Shell.  Though your presence has always been with us in the solo competition, your win as Hura Ava Tau Grand Champion and Perpetual proves your place at Heiva I Honolulu as essential and we look forward to seeing you each year here forward.
A last minute judge’s recognition was made on stage during the Award Ceremony to Maohi Nui’s portrayal of the Puaka in their ote’a production of Oriata.  On behalf of the judges’ and Tahiti Nui International we would like to thank Maohi Nui for your participation at Heiva I Honolulu 2013 and congratulate you for your win of the Hura Tau Perpetual Award.
Manarii and Nalani Gauthier of Tahiti Mana, Elizabeth and Nene of Nemenzo, Kevin and Aulii Kama of Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui, Tino Moe of Tamatoa, Pualani Horiuchi of Puahinano, Charelle Silva of Mehetia Productions and of course Rey and Lisa Aguilar of Te Mana O Te Ra, thank you for gracing the Waikiki Shell stage with your unforgettable performances.  I would like to also express my heartfelt gratitude to our exhibition groups O Rainearii from Tahiti and also Te Ahitoa from Laie, Hawaii.  Your exhibition performances were exactly what we needed to enhance Heiva I Honolulu 2013.
You are all truly amazing artists and we are extremely grateful for your support of Tahiti Nui Interational and Heiva I Honolulu each year.  To all of our dedicated staff and especially my Vice President of Operations Mana Mo’o, I am blessed and honored to work with you all.
Na roto I te here o Te Atua, Mauruuru e Mauruuru Maita’i

Rose Perreira
President, Tahiti Nui International


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