Friday, March 15, 2013

We are less than a week away from Hawaii's most renown Tahitian dance and music event.  With a full schedule of tahitian song and dance from local, japanese, and mainland groups, new awards and prizes, guest performances, arts and crafts, and more...the Waikiki Shell will be the HOTTEST spot next weekend, March 21-23.  General Admission tickets are on sale at the Waikiki Shell Box Office each day of the event, OR in advance from the Neil Blaisdell Ticket Office or via

Gates will open daily at 9:00am.  The event start time will vary daily and end time is dependent on the days events, but the venue closes daily at 9pm.

We are still taking solo entry registration through March 20, 2013.  Group entries are CLOSED.  We have a line up of groups that will be categorized as the best entertainment in Waikiki next weekend;   hot lineups both Friday and Saturday.  Thursday will be fun filled with Soloists, performing their best for the titles of Best Female and Best Male dancers in tahitian dance.  There will be guest performances  by local artists and groups, as well as a performance group from Tahiti next weekend.  Local designers will be on stage to exhibit the latest in tahitian clothing and costume.

Don't miss it!  Buy your tickets early, see you there.

An advanced announcement to all attending, please be aware PARKING will be limited due to multiple events taking place in and around the Waikiki Shell.


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