Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another eventful day at the Waikiki Shell concluded last night, March 19, 2010 in grand style with local group Tamatoa from Kaneohe, Oahu and their interpretation and presentation of the story of the TARO, leaving viewers with a message to "respect the land, the water, and the taro." Earlier in the evening with just as much style and color, a visiting group from Ishikawa, JAPAN graced the Heiva I Honolulu stage with their Otea Anuanua, The Rainbow. Green, pink, yellow, purple and red tahitian "more" skirts, like the colors of a rainbow moved "to and fro" as Tiare Heipua, our visiting group, danced to the rhythms of Tahiti. As defending Hura Ava Tau Champions, Tiare Heipua returns for their third year to Heiva I Honolulu with hopes to yet again be awarded "Hura Ava Tau (Jr. Division) Overall Otea First Place".

Earlier in the day, the solo competition finals took place with champions from each age category being selected and returning March 20, 2010 to the Heiva I Honolulu stage for yet another moment to compete for Grand Champion Tane (Male) and Vahine (Female). Here is a list of the First Place winners in their respective age categories:

Tag# 6 Tiffany Alcos of Here Tama Nui 4-6 Tamahine (Girl)
Tag# 11 Kaleb Poniatowski of Here Tama Nui 4-6 Tamaroa (Boy)

Tag #38 Momoka Narita of Tiare Heipua 7-10 Tamahine (Girl)
Tag #44 Skyler Ramento of Here Tama Nui 7-10 Tamaroa (Boy)

Tag #58 Denise Robinson of Manutahi 11-13 Tamahine (Girl)
Tag #72 JD Melchor of Maohi Nui 11-13 Tamaroa (Boy)

Tag #80 Charzelle Mc Angus of Maohi Nui 14-17 Vahine (Woman)
Tag #97 Keenan Chung of Maohi Nui 14-17 Tane (Man)

Tag #106 Lucie Wilson of Nonosina Hawaii 18-21 Vahine (Woman)
Tag #112 Peter Flores of Ia Ora O Tahiti Nui 18-21 Tane (Man)

Tag #122 Heather Jose of Te Vai Ura Nui 22-26 Vahine (Woman)
Tag #130 Keawe McArthur of Maohi Nui 22-26 Tane (Man)

Tag #133 Ayuka Hattori of Tiare Heipua 27-35 Vahine (Woman)
Tag #153 DJ Kekuaokalani of Nonosian HI 27-35 Tane (Man)

Tag #160 Miyako Konishide of Tiare Heipua 36+ Vahine (Woman)
Tag #169 Alvin Mariteragi of Nonosina HI 36+ Tane (Man)

These First Place Champion Tanes and Vahines will compete March 20, 2010 at 9:30am on stage at the Waikiki Shell.


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