Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The tahitian culture is so vibrant here in Japan.  Where in the world can you find people who would battle a typhoon to gather at a place to sing and dance and give praises to a culture?  Yes it happened here at Heiva i Japan.  Thank you to all the participants who shared the joy of winning and shed tears of defeat, "we" are all winners.  Together, we forged a lifetime of friendship through a culture that is love and respected.  That's winning!

A special "mauruuru roa" to all the Ra'atira pupu for teaching your student to love "our" culture and bring dignity to the name "Tahiti".  An immense gratitude to all of our judges for your kindgness, your fairness, and your expertise.  To our house drummers, Allen Ramento of Here Tama Nui, you rocked the place with your amazing talent.

To Kenzo Tanaka and our Japan team, "wow" you guys are simply amazing, never questioning, never demanding, but simply "getting things done".  And of course I couldn't just end my thoughts without expressing my profound gratitude to my entire staff, especially Mana Mo'o you are awesome, Richard, Jon, Norko, and Nene, man what a team!

Thank you God for this time, this moment, THIS LIFE!

Na roto i te a'au ha'eha'a...Mauruuru e Ia Ora I te Ori Tahiti.


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