Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In 2005, “Heiva I Honolulu” took wings and began to take shape in Japan.  Partnering with Treasure Island of Japan, “Heiva I Japan” took root in Tokyo and continues annually today, celebrating its 5th Anniversary in September of 2011.

Tahiti Nui International’s “Heiva” concept took flight yet again in 2007.  Under the direction of the current Minister of Culture, Natache Taharua, Tahiti Nui International was invited to host “Heiva I Tahiti” Solo Competition in July, during the week of Tahiti’s own Heiva Laureat presentation and awards.  Filling the Grand Theatre of the House of Culture in Papeete with a captive audience, soloists who previously competed at the Waikiki Shell, took stage in an event that would be the first of its kind.  Groups from Hawaii, California, Canada, and Japan brought their solo dancers to Tahiti in cooperation with Tahiti Nui International, The House of Culture, and the Heiva I Tahiti Committee.  These same groups were invited to showcase their otea, aparima, and ahupurotu or hura presentations at Toata, the premier venue of Tahiti’s own Heiva events which captivated a sold out crowd of locals and visitors to Tahiti.  The Toata stage was also the venue for Tahiti Nui International’s Heiva I Tahiti Solo Competition Overall Solo event, where the first place soloists of each age category competed for the titles of Overall Tane and Overall Vahine.  Since this event, the House of Culture of French Polynesia, under the direction of the Minister of Culture has continued to host similar events and created one of their own, Hura Tapairu.

Following such a historical moment in Tahitian dance history, “Heiva I Honolulu” was brought home to the Waikiki Shell stage from 2008 to 2010, recapturing the excitement and grandeur of its origin.  The momentum over the years, took Tahiti Nui International and its “Heiva” program in 2011 to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Tahiti Nui International hosted its first annual “Heiva I Las Vegas” in September of 2011 at the Cashman Center Theatre.

We're looking to more great moments and memories in the coming years ahead. Tahiti e imua!


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